Turning your message into a rich and highly visual story that people really want to watch.

Watch the video below, it's a classic example of how we turn complex information into a rich, highly visual and understood story.


Why Invest in a Hand Drawn Video?

There are plenty of advantages to investing your hard-earned in a Hand Drawn video to deliver your message; low-cost, simplicity of delivery, high engagement, and proven recall. Every video we create delivers your message in such a rich and highly visual way that your viewer's attention is immediately captured. Your message gets heard!

No matter what your message is, whether it's explaining a product, safety training, marketing a business, or delivering education, a Hand Drawn Video will ensure your message is understood, enjoyed and remembered. Scroll down to find out more...


Our Show-Stopping Video Created For The UN


The Officer of the High Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices start at $3,500. The total cost of your hand drawn video will depend on the final length of the video. Contact us today to get a quote.

We advise clients to allow six to eight weeks for completion of the video from the date of signing the Project Agreement. We can make your hand drawn video in a shorter time period but it depends on our current work schedule. Contact us today to get a quote.

Once you pay the final invoice, the IP of your hand drawn video, the original illustrations, voiceover and any music soundtrack passes directly to you, the client. Contact us today to get a quote.


Download a case study and discover how hand drawn videos have helped Zinfra and Ok Tedi Mining achieve greater worker engagement, better information recall and a learning increase of at least 15%!


More Video Examples

Watch How We Can Take Your Information And Change It Into A Rich And Highly Visual Hand Drawn Video, In Any Language.


Te Rau Ora - Suicide Prevention - NZ

One of a series of videos to assist in raising the awareness of Suicide Prevention amongst the indigenous youth of New Zealand.

Along with the English version, we also produced the videos in the Māori language and for Te Rau Ora's Instagram account we created the videos in portrait format.


3Diemme - Product Explainer - IT

A video to assist in explaining 3Diemme's new software product.

Along with the Italian version, we also produced the video in English. The video was uploaded to the 3Diemme website and is used in seminar presentations.  A unique feature of the video is the characters  are caricatures of the 3Diemme business owners.


Camp For Youth Entrepreneurs - CH

A video, produced for Fribourg Univesity, Switzerland, to advertise and inform young entrepreneurs about their summer program.

This video illustrates the 'one page, one screen', style of hand drawn videos, where all the information is drawn on one page.


Downer Mining - Induction - AU

An induction training video to help underground miners understand their safety obligations and what they must do before going underground.

The video showcases how we are able to illustrate the video in the brand and colours of the client.

"The team were simply brilliant interpreting our aim and concept, and from a project management perspective, it was one of the more streamlined and professional processes I’ve worked with. "

Cameron Ross
Flight Safety Foundation

Our Creative Process.

There are five major steps in creating your Hand Drawn Video.


You provide us with your brief. Maybe it's a Word document, a Power Point Presentation or some scribbled ideas on a piece of paper. We have a chat with you, either by phone or over the internet, so we understand the purpose of your message, the outcome you want to achieve.


One of our talented scriptwriters then gets to work writing your 'first draft' video script. Once it's finished, we send the script to you for review and feedback. You know your subject better than anyone so now is the time for you to work with us to provide feedback and suggest any changes.


Once the script is approved, our creative team meets and throws around lots of highly visual ideas to bring the script alive in a static, visual storyboard. Again, you work with us to provide feedback and any changes.


Voice Recording

When the visual storyboard is signed off, we send the approved script off to be recorded in one of our recording studios. Remember, we can create videos in ANY language.

Final Production

Once we receive the voiceover file the team locks themselves away and pulls everything together. A week or so later, voilá, you can download your very own hand drawn video from our video hosting platform.

It's really that simple!

Some of Our Satisfied Clients


Hand Drawn Videos

  • improve engagement (people love watching them)
  • increase recall (people remember what they saw)
  • low cost (you don't have to take out a second mortgage)
  • understandable (people get it)

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